Past projects/work b’s Woss site

Woss Repeater Site


Completed Summer 2019

Work Party to be scheduled to do more work to clear the road from the logging road across to the repeater site. The duplexer has a minor crack in it. We need to replace it and get the current duplexer sent off to Comprod for repair.

You are cordially invited to a party. Everyone likes to be invited to a party, right. In this case though it’s a NIARS work party up at the repeater site on Woss Mountain which is one of the links for the Island Trunk System. It’s been determined that the repeater has broken and we need to get in to the site and bring in a replacement duplexer and possibly a repeater as well. Since these two units weigh well over 100 lbs just carrying them in really isn’t an option.Unfortunately the road to the site is quite overgrown so work is required to clear parts of the trail to be able to get a quad or truck through to the site to bring in these replacements. Last year at this time we cleared the first part of the trail but there is still more to do. Tentatively (weather permitting) on Saturday, Sept 28th we are having a work party to brush out the trail and get things opened up enough to bring this gear in and get the repeater operational again.The plan is to meet in Woss at 10:00 AM and travel up the mountain to where the trail begins. The road up is your usual steep, bumpy logging road so this part of the trip will require either a 4×4 pickup or a quad. With a little co-ordination we should be able to arrange to car pool for anyone who would like to come but can’t drive all the way in. Let me know if you have a vehicle up to the task and how many passengers you could take.To get the job done the preferred tools will be axes, machetes, chainsaws and heavy duty metal blade weed whackers. If you are planning on operating these units please also bring the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) like gloves, eye protection, face shields, hard hats and faller’s pants (if you have them). We also need people who can pick up and carry the cut brush so at least gloves will be needed. Given the time of year also plan on having rain gear available. If you can’t come but happen to have a chainsaw or weed wacker you wouldn’t mind lending to the cause please let me know as well.If you would like to volunteer your time that weekend please send me a note ( or on Messenger so we can start to get things organized. The more people who can come out will go a long way to getting this done and getting the repeater back on the air.Since this one day will be so much fun we are also planning a second excursion for the next day, Sunday as well for anyone who wants to make this a two day trip. If you can only come for just one of the days that’s fine. The plan for the Sunday is to go in to the Shelly Mountain repeater site near Port McNeill to check out the road and site, do the routine maintenance and water up the batteries. Depending on where you might be coming from we will be staying Saturday night in Port McNeill and meeting up after breakfast. Let me know if you would be interested so we can plan this part of the trip.If the weather is forecast to be bad that weekend then we will postpone to the following Saturday. cheers Chris Anton Director – North Island Amateur Radio Society